Writing again

How my books are like my cats: a study in surprising similarities.

I’ve raised six cats so far in my life. I’ve written & published six books. There are some entertaining parallels. Let’s take a look at them all, shall we?

(12/2/23 Editing to add a housekeeping point not made clear in the original links: all my books are available in paperback as well as multiple ebook formats. Some are also in audio, with more coming soon.)

First cat, first novel.

How is Controlled Descent like Jake the Cat, the first pet who was mine & mine alone? They’re both:

  • a bit rough around the edges and not to everyone’s taste
  • took a long time to mature
  • hold unique and special places in my heart

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Second novel, Second cat.

Oh, Banshee. The first cat I brought home as a rescue. That big, sweet cinnamon roll of a cat lived far too short a life–but that’s not how he’s like my second book, which is still in print and doing just fine, thanks.

Here’s how Flight Plan resembles Banshee.

  • bigger than the first one
  • slightly goofy
  • lots of running around & tail-chasing
  • never got/gets as much respect as I think they deserve

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Third book, third cat

Cat three, Alexander Batwing Spook, got stuck with “Kitten” as his call-name. He was a sweetie. Weaving In the Ends shares that sweetness along with the following traits:

  • sleek, dark, & handsome
  • full of attitude
  • in love with yarn
  • more popular with my friends than the one who came before him.

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If you look closely at the images of cat 2 & 3, you get an idea of their relationship. That’s Kitten’s foot kicking Banshee in the chin up above. This perfectly illustrates the relationship between the two books as well.

Onward to the Fourth book

Like Novices, Bruce, my fourth cat, started off short & got longer (The story began as a throwaway scene and ended as a novella. Bruce was a tiny shorthair kitten who grew into a big, flamboyant plume-tailed longhaired ball of fluff.)

More traits in common:

  • did not plan on getting another cat, did not plan on writing this book
  • sometimes cuddly, sometimes prickly
  • straightforward and undemanding.
  • just wants to be loved

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Book 5.

Rough Passages was a big change in direction for my writing & ended up being unlike any book before it. Scooter was the first cat we brought home after owning our own house, and his arrival marked the beginning of a whole new adventure in cat ownership. More things Rough Passages and Scooter have in common:

  • uncanny ability to convince total strangers into picking them up and loving them.
  • thought-provoking at unexpected moments
  • sometimes dark
  • sometimes silly & humorous
  • made me cry more than once

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And finally, this!

Pippin is he newest and current cat. He is big, bold, gorgeous, fluffy, & complicated. He’s also full of goodness, sticks with you, & rarely does what you expect.

In short, he’s just like my latest novel in the Rollover universe, The Sharp Edge of Yesterday.

Oh–one last thing they have in common: long tails. purchase link collection for The Sharp Edge Of Yesterday

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That’s all for now. I expect there will eventually be another new cat, and there will definitely be more novels. It’s gonna be fun to see how (or if) the trend of traits in common continues.

Until later.

By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.