How my books are like my cats: a study in surprising similarities.

I’ve raised six cats so far in my life. I’ve written & published six books. There are some entertaining parallels. Check it out:

Here’s my first novel, and also Jake, the first cat who was mine, not a whole-family shared pet.

Ways they’re alike:

2nd novel & 2nd cat, Banshee:

Third book, third cat:

Alexander Batwing Spook got stuck with “Kitten” as his callname. Like Weaving In the Ends, he was:

If you look closely at cat 2 & 3, you get an idea of their relationship. That’s Kitten’s foot kicking Banshee in the chin. This perfectly illustrates the relationship between the two books as well.

Onward to the 4th enty.

Like my novella Novices, Bruce, our 4th cat, started off short & got longer (plot for the story, hair, in Bruce’s case) More parallels:

Book 5.

Rough Passages was a big change in direction & was unlike any story before it. Our cat Scooter was a new adventure too. More things they have in common:

And now, this!

Pippin is my big, bold, gorgeous new kitty. He’s fluffy & huge & complicated. He’s also full of goodness, sticks with you, & never does what people expect.

In short, he’s just like my latest novel in the Rollover universe, The Sharp Edge of Yesterday.

Oh–one last thing they have in common: very long tails.

That’s all. I expect there will be a new cat fairly soon, and eventually there will be more novels. It’s gonna be fun to see how (or if) the trend continues.

There’s no deep meaning to this post. It’s winter solstice, my sleep patterns are all thrown off by the long dark nights, and that leaves me antsy & tired at once. I decided to amuse myself, and this happened.

Until later. Happy holidays!

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