Many doings, much dirt

The dirt came with the plants. The plants came from Pesche’s Garden center. Yes, indeed, since the weather finally broke cool and wet, I FINALLY got to do more planting in the yard.

Proof of dirt

I spent all afternoon in the soft, overcast, coolness, digging holes, repotting all my poor, rootbound indoor plants, and watering the new arrivals. And because I was doing things with my hands that left my brain free to work, I remembered to call my Dad before midnight for once & we hada. nice long catching-up-on-life phone chat.

I didn’t think I’d get it all done in one day but I did!

Meet the plants.

The yard has 12 new happy residents, some permanent, some temporary: basil, dill, woodruff, coreopsis, a native iris, and Heliopsis helianthoides (a perennial sunflower.) The balance of colors in the local wildflower spectrum is now skewing to the yellows and oranges, so the next round of purchases will likely be purples or blues.

Cornflowers are already on the list. And some basic unfancy purple coneflowers. More TBD.

That’s about all that got done. Okay that, a lovely neighborhood walk, pizza in front of a Deliciously Bad Disaster Movie called Anna’s Storm. (An unexplained swarm of meteorites hit an isolated Colorado mountain town…look, it’s basically a Hallmark Family Meteor Movie. It’s only 15 years old, but no one has satphones, cars don’t have air bags, and )

(Why yes, I did spend part of my evening putting together a spreadsheet of all the assorted alien/monster/weather disaster movies I can get free from Prime Video. Why do you ask?)

Anyway. That’s the current Doings Report. I’m adding a subscribe block to the usual bottom-of-the-post footer from now one, just in case anyone wants to get this stuff dropped straight to the inbox rather than relying on Facebook or other media platforms to deliver a link. Because we all know that will never reliably happen.

Tomorrow’s ambitious plan? Get my seasonal writing-focused newsletter wrapped up and sent off to those subscribers. There are writing things going on, and my fans deserve to know!

Okay, when I start making snarky jokes, it’s time to sign off.

Shiny subscribe-to-blog link is shiny, and below that, the usual bit about my latest book.

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Grace Reed just wants to be left alone with her daughters, her small business and her quiet suburban life.

Fate has something bigger planned for all of them.

A contemporary fantasy novel about coming of age in middle age, The Sharp Edge Of Yesterday is in bookstores & libraries now.

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