Listing life: I did things

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I like listing things, so here goes today. I got up early & did ALL THE THINGS. So I feel very accomplished, also totally wiped out.

4 shopping lists. 3 stores & a gas station. Dishes & laundry washed and laundered. Then I put away, folded & distributed everything where it needed to go. In short, chores & errands dialed to 11.

Shopping Highlights:

  • a wee backpack purse big enough to comfortably hold my tablet, e-ink reader, phone & day-excursion basics.
  • bralettes that fit Just. Right. First ones I’ve found in 12 years.
    (good gobs, I have bras old enough to attend middle school, eek)
  • an even wee-er little carry bag designed as a “pet backpack” but that’s perfect for a tiny shoulderbag. With rainbow straps and an “Unconditional Love” patch.

Extra bonus? We put the pet backpack on Mister Pips and watched him walk around all annoyed for a few minutes.

I also did surprise internet troubleshooting multiple times, finished creative writing exercises and did writing research. Plus all the usual life shit, like cat care, garden maintenance, scheduling things, and paying bills.

So the funny thing is, for the last couple of hours I’ve been feeling like a slacker for sitting here like a lump on the couch watching Manifest on Netflix, when the simple reality is, I am too tired to think.

My brain is such a jerk sometimes. (This is not news.)

No more smokey nonsense today, though. Not a whiff. Crappy air quality, crappy haze, but no smoke. So I ate my lunch outside and reveled in the heat.

Anyway. This is the end of the list.

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