Legos in hats

Why not, I say?

A friend who knows of Spouseman’s LEGO fixation and my passion for silliness found us a beautiful bit of fun to share: A 3D printed a LEGO-sized version of the Women’s March pink pussy hat.


This installment of Bad Phone Photography: a selection of himself’s mini-figs (as all the cool kids call ’em) wearing the pink pussy hat. Most of these figs did not come standard with female options. So I improvised.Lots of temporary decapitation and re-capitation was required. And I included allies of course. Ming is my favorite.

Someday perhaps I will make teeny little signs for them all to carry and set them up for a parade. I would need a lot more hats first.

That’s it. Nothing more to see. Move along. Maybe read another thing.

By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.