Legos in hats

A friend who knows of Spouseman’s LEGO fixation and my passion for silliness found us a beautiful bit of fun to share: A 3D printed a LEGO-sized version of the Women’s March pink pussy hat.


This installment of Bad Phone Photography: a selection of himself’s mini-figs (as all the cool kids call ’em) wearing the pink pussy hat. Most of these figs did not come standard with female options. So I improvised.Lots of temporary decapitation and re-capitation was required. And I included allies of course. Ming is my favorite.

Someday perhaps I will make teeny little signs for them all to carry and set them up for a parade. I would need a lot more hats first.

Lego grandmablurry lego builder allyLego scientistLego knightLego sheriffLego dancerLego serverLego cavewomanLego Ming AllyLego SamuraiLego zombie cheerleader

That’s it. Nothing more to see. Move along. Maybe read another thing.