Latest project completed: walls!

Tl;dr version: if you just want to look at pictures, scroll down to the end.

This post is about colors. I love vivid blues & greens. Cobalt blue is my favorite color ever. Much of my wardrobe comes from that part of the spectrum. My hair is often bright blue or green.


When it comes to my surroundings, I go straight to the earth tones every time, and the lighter, the better. Leafier greens, red-mineral browns, and the kind of creamy pale shades of gold you see in autumn meadows.

New house is mostly painted in cooler colors like cloudy blue and sage green, but they’re earthy enough to live with for 5+ years, which is when the walls will be due for refreshing anyway.

But some of the color choices were Just Too Much:

  1. a minty-fresh green in one basement room (henceforth to be known as the game room)
  2.  a turquoise I’ll call bottom-of-a-California-swimming-pool blue” that was used in a bedroom, a stairwell and in the utility area of the basement.

Both colors are pretty. I have shirts in those colors. For walls, thought? No. Sorry, not for me.

Spouseman concurred with my judgment, emphatically so. And thus in the fullness of time, painters were hired, and lo, they have made with the painting.

I had to be at the new house at 7:30 AM two days running, which was a fun trick to manage while still living in the old one with the car in the shop all week. I got up on time both days, and the results were more than worthwhile.

The walls in our bedroom, the game room & elsewhere in the basement are now all warm, bright, and mellow…or they’re boring and bland as hell, depending on your perspective. What matters to me is that I’ll sleep better in a room with “light honey” walls than I would in one that made me feel like I was underwater.

And Spouseman says the games room looks calmer now. For sure it looks more like a room in a house and less like a dentist’s waiting area, and that’s all I ask from a finished basement.

Last note: in one of those amusing moments life sometimes offers, I realized today that without even trying, we’d matched the downstairs utility area paint toathe original vintage ’30’s door into the mechanicals room.

Here’s the door and peeks at the other painted basement parts:

And as a bonus, another pic of my evolving soon-to-be-office space:


5 responses to “Latest project completed: walls!”

  1. acflory Avatar

    Oh god…MUCH better. lol Earth tones feel as if they’re hugging you. Those pastels shriek ‘look at me, look at me’.
    So, congratulations – when do you move in? And will you have a workshop?

    1. Dawnrigger Avatar

      One of the upstairs rooms will be my writing nest, with desk, comfy pillows, and bookcases. (I’m so excited about the bookcases…

      Moving Phase 1 (aka “Get All The Extra Stuff Out so we can sell our old house”) happened today & went super smoothly. We’re still a long way from “fully moved in” but the game system is up and running, and the internet is installed, so the tipping point has been reached.

      1. acflory Avatar

        Bravo! Moving house is such a nightmare. I’m glad yours has gone [relatively] smoothly. Best of luck with the rest. 🙂

  2. dalegreenearts Avatar

    You have inspired me. Thank you.

    1. Dawnrigger Avatar

      You’re welcome! Big projects are intimidating and hard to start (for me anyway), but the tangible, visible results are so worth it once done!