The Collected Stories

Four Rough Passages novellas, three short stories and many extras, all in one convenient volume. 

Rough Passages-Digital 1600Cover

When every midlife crisis might cause a national emergency, getting older means more than going gray.

A third of the population carries the potential to develop superpowers between the ages of thirty-five and sixty, and no one can predict which few will activate. Passing life’s halfway point might be as easy as blowing out one extra candle…or it might lead to becoming a human fireball, drowning a city, or teleporting into outer space.

  • This story collection connects five people whose lives are disrupted by the uncertainties of power:
  • A single mother with two jobs whose new talent improves her ordinary life beyond her wildest dreams.
  • A Marine captain tasked with investigating the all-too-human crimes a squad of superhuman soldiers inflict on one another.
  • A lonely woman whose desperate homesickness is matched in strength only by her ability to wreak seismic havoc.
  • A devout grandmother torn from home and family, abused and imprisoned, who gains godlike powers and must choose between revenge and forgiveness.
  • A teen, afraid to take the R-factor test that will define her future, who learns there are worse things to fear than a positive result.
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Four of the Rough Passages Tales are also available as individual novella-length ebooks. See below for details on each.

Extraordinary web

1: Extraordinary
A trip to the traveling carnival with two toddlers and a mobility-challenged parent isn’t most people’s definition of fun, but it’s closer than Valerie Wade usually gets. A few hours kicking sawdust and revisiting favorite childhood memories, that’s all she asks.

It’s her annual treat, a visit back in time to the carefree years before she learned that her blood carries a potential death sentence, before life beat her down and broke her spirit. It’s where she can forget about secrets, debts and obligations for a few hours and remember what hope feels like.

Everything changes that night, under the bright lights and the striped awnings. The monsters and freaks aren’t in the sideshow tents. They’re walking the aisles, and before the carnival is done, Valerie will be taking her place among them.
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Powerhouse web

2. Powerhouse
Colonel Marcia Galloway leads Mercury Battalion, a military unit that offers society’s deadliest members a second chance at life. Her super-powered soldiers can level buildings with a thought or kill thousands in firestorms and floods. Self-discipline is more than an ideal. It’s a survival requirement. When some of Marcia’s soldiers turn on each other, the results are bloody and  brutal, and the responsibility falls on her to see justice done.

 The case looks cut-and-dried, but Marcia doesn’t  accept anything at face value. Mercy is a luxury society can’t afford. Punishment for her personnel is swift and final, so before Marcia executes the guilty, she wants to be absolutely certain she has the right people.
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Nightmares (5)

3. Nightmares
Kristiana Stanislav never asked for the power to destroy anything or anyone who got in her way. The power comes anyway, and with it comes a choice: compulsory military training, or permanent exile

She never wanted to be a Marine, but she has to become one, if she ever hopes to go home to her children and her husband. Kris wants that with all her heart, and so she trades home and family for barracks and bunkmates.

Despite a rocky beginning, she throws herself into her new duties with determination. If she has to be a monster, she will learn to do the job right or die trying.  Retreat is not an option. She can only charge ahead and hope for the best.
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Lockdown web

4. Lockdown
Being thirteen is hard. It’s even harder when your father can’t stand the light of day, your mother has been dragged away by the government, and you’re afraid you’ll turn into a freak just like them when you get old.

Elena Moreno doesn’t want to know if she carries the dreaded R-factor in her blood, but she doesn’t have a choice. Eighth-graders are required by law to take the test that will reveal her fate. Elena’s friends worry about crushes and slumber parties and getting good grades in History. Elena worries about facing the Test.

She thinks going to school the day of the Test is the bravest thing she’ll ever do, but she’s wrong. She already knows monsters are real. Today she’ll learn what happens when they attack.
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