Novices cover
Restoration Chronicles: Book 1

Heroes. Growing up.

The moment recruiter Joe Mitani meets Carl Jenson, he knows he’s found something special.Finding suitable trainees for internships at the bleeding edge of mental health care is no easy task. Few of the teens Joe interviews have the rare blend of brains and heart needed for the job. Even fewer come to the bargaining table with a psychically-gifted foster brother.

Carl shows up with both. Joe takes the package deal. Landing a prospect like Carl is worth the expense of adding his unexpected sibling to the roster.

Eddie Jenson is as talented as his brother, in his own way, and the Rydder Institute for Analytical Psychiatry specializes in developing exceptional talents. As far as Joe knows, there’s every reason for two boys with extraordinary potential to thrive there.

It’s the secrets he doesn’t know that will put Carl, Eddie and countless others in peril before long.

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