Powerhouse webAmazing powers. All-too-human flaws.

Colonel Marcia Galloway leads Mercury Battalion, a military unit that offers society’s deadliest members a second chance at life. Her super-powered soldiers can level buildings with a thought or kill thousands in firestorms and floods. Self-discipline is more than an ideal. It’s a survival requirement.

 When some of Marcia’s soldiers turn on each other, the results are bloody and  brutal, and the responsibility falls on her to see justice done.

 The case looks cut-and-dried, but Marcia doesn’t dare accept anything at face value. Mercy is a luxury society can’t afford. Punishment for her personnel is swift and final.  Before Marcia executes the guilty, she wants to be absolutely certain she has the right people.

Once upon a time, a midlife crisis was a personal thing. These days it can lead to fires, floods, earthquakes, or plagues. For an unlucky few, getting those first few gray hairs carries the risk of starting over with a new body, new abilities, and new responsibilities.

All the Rough Passages Tales are novella-length, aprox 1-hour reads

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