Lockdown webThe monsters are real.

Being thirteen is hard. It’s even harder when your father can’t stand the light of day, your mother has been dragged away by the government, and you’re afraid you’ll turn into a freak just like them when you get old.

Elena Moreno doesn’t want to know if she carries the dreaded R-factor in her blood, but she doesn’t have a choice. Eighth-graders are required by law to take the test that will reveal her fate. Elena’s friends worry about crushes and slumber parties and getting good grades in History. Elena worries about facing the Test.

She thinks going to school the day of the Test is the bravest thing she’ll ever do, but she’s wrong. She already knows monsters are real. Today she’ll learn what happens when they attack.

All the Rough Passages Tales are novella-length, aprox 1-hour reads

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