Knowing when to stop

I thought poem-y thing would be the end of my writing flow for the day, but there was an extended writing victory lap! Spouseman has been busy all week with a new game, & this afternoon there were complicated group gaming sessions. So I had loads of uninterrupted time to putter and prowl around the house looking for hyperfocus, and I found some!

Hiding in the corners, of course.

My experimental 2nd person flash fiction is now fast approaching 5000 words, It’s turned into a solid little heart-wringer of a story, if I do say so myself. (And I do. If I don’t say it, who will? Don’t answer that.)

It is so close (SO CLOSE) to done, but my body says Nope. Not enough sleep, too much time sitting, flaring allergies, growling stomach, rain-achy joints…it’s been a long day. All signs point to stop.

Took me a LONG time to learn this lesson: banking my excitement until later is better than hurting myself to meet some arbitrary completion goal.

Tomorrow will come. I’ll be eager to get back to the words, and that’s a big bonus. Until then, I’m away to the simple joys of TV time & salty snax.

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