It was never funny & other stuff from today

Lately I’ve been thinking about all the times in my life people told me I had no sense of humor because I loathed popular things they found hilarious.

The reality is, those popular things were celebrating acts of cruelty. I didn’t have the vocabulary to express that then. I do now.

Now those same people tell me they are sad bc the things they once liked “have not aged well.”

Cruelty was never funny. I say that now, and I know people who are sad about not being able to laugh at cruelty are people I must never trust with my safety.

In other doings, the neighbors’ driveway construction project achieved Peak Distraction status.

It started strong w/a street dump of gravel before 9 AM, followed by arrival of wood framing & bales of wire mesh. Then a Mysterious New Trailer joined the familiar cast of dump trucks, skid steers & pickups!

“Is that a generator on that trailer?” I asked Spouseman. Why I thought he would know better than me, I could not tell you.

“Looks like it,” he said, then informed me, “There’s a 2nd one in the truck bed, too.”

Friends, there was also a jackhammer in that truck.

Loud but eminently-watchable construction hijinks continued until the second thunderstorm of the day blew in. (they stopped for lunch during the first storm.) They wrapped up and headed out before the grape-sized hail started falling, so that was all good.

I don’t know how long the show will go on, but they’ve been working for over a week and they aren’t half done. My guess is, the fun will continue through next week at least.