Notes from inside my head, 18-21 Sept

The weather report warned of “stray thunderstorms.” All day I had this vision of feral storms, hungry, resentful, and lonely, all scruffy and huddled down over the horizon, waiting for the best moment to pounce.

Power outage at the ‘brar meant the AC wasn’t working. For once I was not freezing to death in the Arctic draft from the ventilation ducts. Nope, all night I was meeelllllllting. There’s just no pleasing me.

Dragon Con was three weeks ago. Thursday I realized I never reset the time on my phone back to Central Time after coming home from Atlanta.  Well. I got in an extra hour of writing today, sorta.

Research Jeopardy style. Answer: Deontological ethics, Kantian philosophy, types of utilitarianism, and the trolley problem. What is, “a topic I spent a couple of hours investigating down all kinds of internet rabbit holes.” Why, you ask? I say, why NOT?

Guess who made her writing target for the week?  No, no, not ME, pshaw.  Not even close.  I’m sure someone reached theirs, though. Kudos to you, whoever you are! That was some hard work. Reward yourself.

Fall smells are the best. From petrichlor to dry walnut husks to hot simmering cider, they’re all comfort scents that reach deep into my brain and whisper, “breathe deep now, savor every sniff before the year turns to ice and the air shrivels in the cold.”

Frozen tomatoes slip right out of their skins when they thaw. Makes cooking down tomato sauce so much easier than bothering with a food mill. Just saying.

FIVE more book reviews up on Amazon/Goodreads. Yay. I’m caught up. If anyone’s curious, I’m Tiggeroo Reviews on Amazon. Because Amazon gave me the option of reviewing under a pen name, and pen names are fun.

Consolation baking is a real thing. I have done significant analysis of this, and I can attest, consolation cookies taste awesome.




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