Imperfection: the Perfectionist Edition

I’m embracing my humanity these days. As in: “To err is human.”

Stupid typos. Stupid effing fershlugginer typos & cut/paste artifacts. I HATE YOU ALL.

Fine, so that was more like a punch than an embrace, but it’s the best I can do after realizing that there are multiple errors in both my published works. How aggravating. Here’s how I feel about imperfection:

<insert suppressed shriek of frustration here.>

I edited my work. Other people read my work and brought errors to my attention. I corrected them. My stories were proofed and reproofed by other people who are not me.  Swear-to-GAWD they were checked before publication.  Somewhere between final edit and publication, a tweak here or there resulted in sentences without periods at the end, stray commas, a couple of mis-spellings and (my biggest blush so far) the awesome turd of a word “twentieth-first.”

Oh, world. I am all embarrassment. Well, water under the bridge, spilled milk, and all those clichés. Smashwords and Amazon will both allow me to update digital editions, so I will re-re-reproof the manuscripts before hitting Createspace in March to generate print versions.

I could use a little help between now and then. The fewer times I touch the writing, the fewer chances there will be for me to commit more stupidity.

 Have you read my writing? Did you find a typo or an egregiously bad sentence? The first person to report any given error in either Controlled Descent Flight Plan will get a free copy of the next novel/novella/novelette that I publish. Not much of a reward, you say? Not much of a budget, I say.

If for some crazy reason you want to copy-edit or proof a full manuscript for a salary paid in baked goods, contact me directly.

As to the oft-seen claim that typos are a sign of unprofessional writing, I will point out that a dozen editing goofs in the last David Weber novel I read got all the way to “trees-died-for-this” status. So there.

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