October words: I want to draw, but all I have are letters.

I guess I could call it Wordtober. The House Migration Adventure is winding down, but getting re-settled into my creative brainspace is a challenge. The idea of quick daily sketches to warm up the creative juices has a powerful appeal…but I don’t draw.  And experience has proven (alas) that most writing exercises either bore me to distraction,  or they bog me down and exhaust my limited concentration reserves.

Word sketches, though–those work for me. So. Every day this October, I’m doing 3-minute free-writing sessions on randomly generated words.  I’ve done several already (and I am unreasonably proud of keeping up the discipline 3 whole days in a row…)  but I was too busy/exhausted/unmotivated to format & tag a draft this post and get them posted until now.

Here’s the month’s first random act of typing

October 1. Obscurity.

Hoo, boy. That’s a word to drag a shiver of fear across any creative’s skin. Under the skin. Obscured, in the dark, unknown, lost and unseen.  Hidden, secrets, nothing but secrets and being forgotten and being overlooked. I keep coming back to being unSEEn, but what about unheard? That’s a kind of obscurity too. Erasure, even. Like words I can’t quite remember, or a song on the tip of my tongue that isn’t there any more. Lost to obscuriy, hidden behind the debris of everyday life. Buried. Dead and gone and no one even notices. That’s obscurity. Ugh.

Stay tuned or tune out, there will be more.