I have an idea. It might be dangerous.

I call this idea, write a review, get a bonus story. Catchy, no?

Here’s the thing. I have a new book, but it isn’t new-new. Most people who might review Weaving In The Ends have the two stories contained in it and kindly wrote reviews. I don’t feel comfortable  doing the usual “grovel-nag-whine-beg-plead please-please write a review for me” routine for this one.

But it looks so NAKED with zero reviews. So sad. So I thought, “Hey, what about giving people an incentive?” Non-monetary, of course. Here’s my simple two step program:

  1. write an Amazon or Goodreads review after reading Weaving in the Ends (or any other Restoration book, I’m not picky) between now and August 31, 2016.
  2. I write you a scene (500-1000 words) with two Restoration series characters of your choice, delivered by September 30 at the latest.

What you do with the scene is up to you. Giggle over it in private, share it with friends, post it on your blog, ask me to post it on this blog, print it and tuck it in a scrapbook,  whatevs. I will retain non-exclusive rights to publish later if I choose, but it will be yours. I can even put your name in the scene if you want. Not you. Just a name of your choice.

Easy-peasy, yes? You write me a thing, I write you a thing. I already have one scene with Felicity meeting one of Carl’s old lovers half-written. That’s what sparked this idea.

How will I know you wrote the review? I do check, maybe compulsively, so I’ll know it was written. You can leave email contact info in a comment on this post or in a private message on my Facebook author Page. (Sorry, I haven’t mastered WordPress email forms. They email to limbo. And I do not transmit copyrighted material through Facebook.)

If, like me you use a screen name for Amazon reviews, be aware that I will take the first claimant for any given pseudonymous review. I’m not expecting this to be a huge issue.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: you do not have to purchase an item on Amazon to review it, so please do not purchase  Weaving In The Ends if you already bought the two stories in the combo-pack. I’m wildly concerned that someone will do that by accident and get pissed off at me.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: this is a limited time offer. Come September I will be too busy with other authoring and craft activities to do extra scene-length stuff.  Get your free writing while it’s hot. So to speak.

2 responses to “I have an idea. It might be dangerous.”

  1. janelynnthornley Avatar

    An amazing offer but I intend to review your books for free as soon as I read them.

    1. Dawnrigger Avatar

      That’s inspiring too. Thanks!