Holiday Action.

Things I enjoyed over the holiday weekend, presented in lists.

Yarding. Before and after everything else, I yarded:

  • daily new-plant watering continued
  • made new garden center lists for the next batch of planting
  • weeded here & there
  • defended my home against carpenter bees & termites (Look. I give the pollinators dead logs, a thick natural mulch & humus layer, plenty of woody stems, & 150 feet of fence. My foundation & stair supports are a big ol’ NO GO zone.)
  • kept the demanding neighborhood birds fed & watered, and yes, it’s okay to have feeders up, I don’t have poultry, nor am I near poultry.
  • hung out on the patio, both in the sun and in the shade.

Peopled. I also peopled A Lot:

  • went over to a friend’s house to chat all through Thursday evening
  • chatted with neighbors on Friday
  • did a lot of talking with the landscapers
  • Went to a Celebratory BBQ at another friends’ house on Sunday and was Very Celebratory all evening.
  • Talked on the phone to make plans for upcoming events. TWICE.

Then there was the watching. I watched:

  • the new Shazam movie (So. Bad. Like, “did the writers watch the first movie?” bad)
  • 1 episode of Silo (looks okay, but I’m not watching more until the season is done)
  • 2 eps of Citadel (spy thriller, tragically bad writing, but oh, so pretty)
  • caught up on NCIS, which is a total trash fire, and yet I enjoy it.

Walks also happened, including not one but TWO visits to the new neighborhood grocery. (Deli meats! Biscoff gelato! Herbed focaccia!)

And I played with Pippin even more than usual, because he is mighty entertaining. (He’s also a sleepy-vibes generator.) So I did nap.

It was a holiday. Napping counts as action on a holiday, right?

Obligatory writing mention:

The Sharp Edge of Yesterday

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Grace Reed just wants to be left alone with her daughters, her small business and her quiet suburban life.

Fate has something bigger planned for all of them.

A contemporary fantasy novel about coming of age in middle age, The Sharp Edge Of Yesterday is in bookstores & libraries now.

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Cover for Sharp Edge of Yesterday: A Rollover Novel, showing a woman in flames crossing an autumn meadow under a deep blue partyl-cloudy sky
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