Hear it Here!

fp audio1.jpgI released an audiobook in June. It pleases me. It might delight you too. Want a chance to find out for free? Why not?

If you want to listen to my novel Flight Plan for zero dollars, send me a message and an email address through my Facebook page, personal account, Twitter DM or some other form of private contact. I  will gift you a FREE copy.  No Audible membership is required.

Free listening. No strings. Seriously. What’s not to love?

Would I like to see the audiobook reviewed on Audible? Pfft. Of course I would. Come on, I’m an author, and authors crave feedback like…ah, come up with your own comparison. Suffice to say reviews are peachy. But they’re not the point of this exercise.

The point is this: I have promo codes. When people use them I get credit for a read. So of course I want to use them up. I want give away the audiobook, nothing more. A review is not required nor even expected.

Help an author out. Get a free audiobook. Everyone wins. It’s that easy.

Here’s the short form:
1. Flight Plan is now on audio. Get a copy while it’s new, fresh and FREE.
2. Send me a DM on Twitter (@dawnrigger) or official Facebook page with an email
3. Claim your gift on Audible.com at your convenience.  No membership is required. 

PS: I have codes for Book 1: Controlled Descent, too. The books are readable separately, but if you would like a free copy of both so you can listen to them in order, that can be arranged. Just tell me you want both. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

I even have instructions for how to redeem Audible gift codes. I want to see these babies go. There it is.

This offer lasts until I run out of codes.