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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review: Extraordinary

And it is…


Review: Extraordinary

And it is…
I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this short. It’s good. A worthy read, but hard to describe.
A troubled young mother, a genetic disorder, a dystopian society. The rules are different, but the problems are the same. K.M. Herkes beautifully portrays a protagonist, beaten down and tired, yet happy and rounded.
The story circles people with extraordinary powers who are, unsurprisingly put upon within society, looked down on, yet who strive to do what’s best. To be human.
We are introduced to another character, as sympathetic as the first, and then a tragic ending to the tale.
It’s a short read, one that I did in one sitting.
It’s solid and has strong mirrors between plights in our past and present dealing on some levels with the segregation within society by those deemed to be different. When you finish it, and sit back and think about it, it’s actually quite frightening.
It’s written in such a way that will give you a satisfied warmth, a sharing of feelings with the protagonist, until the end, and then slap you, and leave you heart-broken.
It left me wanting more.

You can buy Extraordinary from Amazon US here, and Amazon UK here.

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