This week I am grateful for:
1) My readers. All of you. I bring my creations to life, but you complete the circle of story and give them homes beyond my heart. I’m finding a few new readers every month now, and I don’t seem to be horribly disappointing anyone yet.


2) Good tools. Calibre, Scrivener, and all the other free or inexpensive writing programs and publishing platforms that make it possible for me to craft polished book gems out of rough words.


hedgehog smile3) The Community. Without support from all the writers who sailed before me into these treacherous indie-publishing waters, I would’ve been sunk before I began. The astonishing amount of useful information being shared for free was beyond critical to my success and for building my confidence. I pay it forward whenever I can, but I’ll be forever indebted to my FB groups, the bloggers and writing sites that keep me growing.


I’m sure there’s more, but that’s enough for one post. I’ve uploaded the second edition ebook for Flight Plan after correcting a MAJOR typo in the first chapter of the previous upload, I’ve done authoring correspondence with Createspace regarding my upcoming new print editions, and I am DONE for the day.

Oh, done except for the obligatory “BUY MY BOOKS” plug. I made a click-it pictures this time. (G’wan, click ’em. Click ’em good. Or tap. Whatevs.)

Resistance is futile.
You must click the pic.



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