The Good, The Bad, & The Amazing.

I’m in a list mood, so here’s this week in boring ol’ me things.  I’ll let you decide which categories apply to each point.

  • A fellow volunteer at Butterflies & Blooms  recommended my writing to another volunteer. That person make it a point to say they couldn’t put Extraordinary down.
  • Fun times with friends both days last weekend. So social. Such muchness.
  • The Prodigals beta-reader notes and overviews are in.  No one ran away screaming,  hit the squick-reject button or whispered, “maybe don’t show this to anyone.” So, it’s on schedule to be editor-ready by Labor Day.
  • The weather was beautiful for spending an expanded Thursday at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Butterflies & Blooms was fun and fluttery all morning, and the afternoon spent outdoors with the laptop was fruitful and productive.
My view Thursday afternoon.
  • I forgot my lunch.
  • Thursday dinner with butterfly crew past and present was spectacular and reminded me that being with people is worth the effort even when it’s exhausting.
  • I’ve corresponded with four five people by email this week and not dropped a single conversation through anxiety-avoidance yet.
  • Spouseman isn’t healing as well as expected, and he has to get more tests and evaluations. So there’s worry and fear. And waiting.
  • He admitted a problem to me and called the doctor with only minimal urging instead of waiting silently for things to get critically bad. That’s HUGE progress. So there’s relief and pride too. Go, us!
  • Someone’s reading my novellas through Kindle Unlimited. That’ll never get old.
  • My cover artist for Weaving In The Ends is fantastic and patient and accommodating, and IT’S GOING TO BE A REAL BOOK SOON!
  • I read three books and watched almost no TV.
  • Facebook’s sneaky time-suck tentacles have been pruned back again.
  • Traffic has been weird, scary, and stressful every day all week.
  • I want to invest in my own ISBNs. Double-downside: it’s a  financial slam, plus  assigning them to existing things that don’t yet have ISBNs will be a ton of extra hassle and work.
  • The new movie edition of Tarzan comes out this weekend.

Later I’ll go over my failure to complete the June Plans list. But for now? Dinner and foods.