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I’ve been at Gen Con 2018 for a few hours now, so here is a list of random notes from the day.

  1. First things first: where I am. Booth 1841. with the fab crew from Games Plus.

    I have books for sale– and these will be the best prices all year, because I’M AT GEN CON AGAIN!  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. GenCon is one of very few cons where I can offer sale prices below what I charge online, as opposed to charging more because autographed copies and overhead and so on.

    If you have ever wanted to buy my paperbacks, this is the time to take advantage.

  2. I also have free stickers to give away. Who doesn’t love a free sticker? They’re book-related stickers, even. I wrote a whole short story about the meaning of these stickers. You can read that story if you sign up for new release emails. Otherwise they’re just cool stickers, and that’s okay too.
  3. My daffodil-yellow bleached hair quite possibly stands out more here than if it was its usual blue or purple. I’ve seen some amazing multicolored dye jobs and one beyond-brilliant fuschia. Blue for the next con, I think. And for the fall, we’ll see.
  4. Navigation WINS so far: I have located the quiet room for the con, tracked down a convenience store for the acquisition of backup milk & snax, and explored the hotel exit stairwells.
  5. This hotel has a stair FAIL: none of the exit stairs go to the public floors without sounding an alarm, very disappointing, as I would rather walk up & down than wait for an elevator. Ah, well, I shall persevere.
  6. Packing win: I remembered all my books & bling. FREE STICKERS TO ANYONE WHO VISITS!
  7. Packing fail: I left my floofy hat and sparkly earrings right where I’d put them so I wouldn’t forget them. Yes, laugh. Go ahead. I have now added those items to my last-check packing list, right along with WALLET and KEYS. (Yes, I have in the past forgotten both those things. Never at the same time, for what that’s worth.)
  8. Booth is all set up for the morning. Lots of games and miniatures and modules and all kinds of cool stuff. VERY EXCITING. Games Plus has built up a nice presence here over the years. I remember the days when three staff would try to fit in a single booth, and now we have  a three-table length one. With squishy anti-fatigue flooring, even.
  9. It’s been so long since I was last at Gen Con, I’d forgotten how sweltering hot and muggy the Exhibitor Hall would get during set-up. I went through nearly a gallon of water over the course of the afternoon, and I wasn’t even doing much of the lifting work.
  10. Why wasn’t I lifting much? I am under strict orders from Spouseman to be kind to my right elbow & wrist, which are currently misbehaving enough that I’m keeping compression sleeve on both.
  11.  I’m only writing this line because I had to go to 11. It’s one better than 10.

Okay, last couple of musings:

  • I will try to post pics to Instagram and/or Facebook over the course of the next few days, but I’m lousy at multi-tasking and usually forget something was picture worthy until the moment is over.
  • I’m not actually expecting to sell much. It would be hubris to think I would. I’m not listed in the program or in the Author Alley or involved in panels… but I can hope, right? I am hopeful. And they’re good books. So.
  • Maybe I’ll even get in some gaming!!!!

Onward to the fun.





By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.

2 replies on “GenCon: Let’s DO THIS THING”

Um . . . your books are available below what you normally charge, except for the cost of driving to Indianapolis, paying for accommodation, and paying to get into GenCon. That’s what you meant, right? 🙂

Do you have a list of the books that are available in hard copy? Robin wants to buy them all (we have some already) but we are quite short on funds, so it can’t be done all at once, and we like lists.

Being near GamesPlus should help your sales, I would think; and yes, the books are good. So here’s hoping for many sales.

I have very low costs this con, so I’m passing along that happy circumstance. It’s a rare event. 🙂 I have already avoided my worst (baseless) fear of not selling a single book all con, so YAY! I am glad to be with Games Plus; the aisle does see great traffic + I have company + get to talk games with people. It’s all great.
I don’t have a separate list of the paperbacks, but here they are:
1. Controlled Descent
2. Flight Plan
3. Weaving In the Ends
4. Rough Passages

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