Writing again

Friday: Dragon Con 2023

We slept in after the long drive yesterday, but we’re awake, breakfasted & ready to scout the vendor hall. (masks, maps, and lists!) Then…panels to attend.

(why am I writing about my schedule before it even happens? I dunno. I’m excited & wanted to share, I guess?)

Enjoy these pics of the moon from yesterday, on departure, and from our hotel room, which as wifi thanks to the hotspot I checked out from the library. (Yay library!) And my Very Official Badge.

More pictures to follow later. And more about the drive. But now? CROWD TIME!

Rough Passages

When getting older means gaining superpowers, life gets complicated for everyone.

Heroic grandmothers, courageous Marines, and extraordinary teens: welcome to a reality where every midlife crisis might become a national emergency.

Rough Passages is a contemporary fantasy novel told in eight short stories about five people forever changed by the powers that disrupt their lives.

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By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.