Friday check-in

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Had breakfast on the patio for the fourth day out of five (toast and jam, and lots of strong black tea) Great start to a lazy Friday.

a lovely visit to the Botanic Garden, which included hiking in the prairie, taking notes on new perennials, and overthinking the garden’s latest temporary exhibit, Love Matters. The best description I can come up with is, “no, no, totally not a Pride Month celebration, mere happenstance we chose June for our displays and sheer coincidence we’re using LGBTQIA+ colors for the marketing materials.”

Yummy lunch at Once Upon A Bagel with a good friend, spiced up with a pre-cell-phone-era level mixup about who was meeting who where & when. But! A rendezvous was eventually managed with harm to none, good food was eaten in good company, and much laughter was shared.


Friday afternoon brought hours of lazy togetherness on the couch reading and napping with the cat.

Supper, television, & doing a few bills to round out the evening. (I love living in the future where I can pay my bills without stamps or envelopes or it really feeling like work, tbh.)

Details? Shepherd’s pie, fruit salad, and a nice dry red wine. Windows are open, fans are bringing in the cool fresh air, and I’m enjoying the Jack Ryan tv series much more than I feel I should. And I have no idea what we were doing on May 21, but somehow we spent almost no money on electricity that day. Were we gone all day? I seriously don’t remember.

(maybe if I’d blogged that day, I could check. Hey, wait. Maybe I can check. I’ll do that later.)

Anyway. I am having fun going through the gas & electric from the past two years to spot trends. Our utilities costs went down 15% from 2020 to now. New windows for the Big Win.

Yeah, that is my idea of a fun evening. I am a nerd, aren’t I?

That’s all there is, there is no more until later. Except for the commercial, of course.

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