Excitements & Excursions

I will be attending MidAmericaCon this year. August 17-21, Kansas City MO.

This Big Scary Adventure was made possible by the ass-kicking generosity of friends and the timely arrival of birthday monies. Travel and accommodation are arranged, and I’ll be badged up one way or another soon. Hoping to work a booth, because wearing the retail hat is  reassuring balm for my anxious soul, but bottom line: I WILL BE THERE. Worldcon.

It’s never too early to start planning to make plans.  Going to be in KC that week?  I would love to meet in real life.  A thought to consider.

Stay tuned for details on Dragoncon, which will put me in Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. I think I’m doing the same gig as last year with the Armory, but I’ll know more next month.