Endings Are Beginnings

Welcome to my last blog-a-bit-every-day-in-November post!
I allowed myself 2 rest days and only skipped Turkey Day, so this is the end of the line.

It’s been a blast, doing this. Good craft practice, good discipline, and good fun pondering topics and choosing pictures for them (Or choosing pictures and then making up topics.) I will continue doing tea-timer mini posts now and then. They flex and stretch the creative muscles in directions my fiction seldom does, and I do love challenging my limits.

I’m hooked, but I’m done pushing myself to make one a day.

It’s a lot of damned work, and other arts are tugging at my time. My itch to do print formatting hasn’t gone away, so I might have to scratch it by designing second editions of my novels. There’s a story that turned into a novel nearly finished,  five short works clamoring for brain and heart space, and business stuff to do. (Holy cats, that’s a scary door. Walking through it, yes, I am.)

On that note, a bonus graphic:IMG_0974

Every ending is a beginning.  Every choice packs away an infinity of options into the knapsack of my past and unrolls a new road ahead.  The road goes ever on and on, etc.  I am not ready for the future, but it will arrive regardless. Time to put on my life-kicking boots, lace up my pack and move on. This month of tight focus on my blog was invaluable adventure. I will carefully wrap up the lessons learned so I can take them out and examine them every so often, wherever my future creative journeys take me.

And a postscript: snarking about the flaws in the “when door closes, a window opens” saying might be a fun topic for another time.

Time: 12:15 PM
Tea: All India Blend
Steep: strictly 5 minutes (but I kept writing for 10 more, just because.)

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  1. SylviaMcivers Avatar

    when a door closes, a window opens, otherwise the farts would overwhelm the room.