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DONE…for now.

No one in the world:


Alas the weather is not cooperating today. It is 42 degrees and soggy-rainy. Not the best kind of day to move the patio furniture into position. Horrible weather to traipse through mulch tidying up the last bare bed, moving planters, or exploding my collection of tacky & not-so-tacky Garden Things (ranging from a concrete alligator head to ye olde basicky solar lamps) all over the place.

Also, the garden beds are not technically complete. There’s way more mulch showing than my plan. The smaller shrubs and all the perennial plantings are on back-order. Supply chain woes have hit the landscaping industry like everywhere else, plus the spring was so chilly a lot of native plants are way behind in their usual growth. So. The empty areas will get lots & lots more greenery in…early July maybe? Later this year for sure.

PLus I am already building a long, long list of fall bulbs to buy.

Next year, this yard is going be full of mostly-native, definitely-colorful, perfumy-blooming & tasty-bird-snack-providing perennials & shrubs. For now, the foundation elements are in, the drainage is a MILLLION times better, and the soil is workable.

It’s a huge improvement over what was there, and it’s ready for me to play in. Behold, pics.

And here’s just a few shots of the old front and patio.

So, yeah. Spouseman & I are super-pleased.

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By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.