Day of rest

The weather hates my joints, and I sat at the desk too long the last couple of days, so today I did a lot of “giving my body a break” aka lounging on the couch. Mister Pips kept me company of course.

I sat and read a lot, but mostly I played a ridiculously enjoyable silly mini-game collection on my iPad. It’s childishly simple, and it’s “free,” which of course means it’s socially engineered to squeeze money out of players a dollar at a time. Since the typical tablet game “wait for more resources or pay” design prevents me from spending money, I spent many entirely restful, extremely satisfying hours alternating between game and book.

Since resting inevitably leads to guilt gnawing at the walls inside the labyrinth of my brain, Imma stave it off with one of my favorite types of list, the kind filed under the header, “Shut up guilt-gerbils, seriously, I was more than a lump of protoplasm, and here’s proof:”

  • texted back & forth w/the artist redesigning the Weaving In the Ends cover. Success! It goes up for proofing tomorrow!
  • chopped veggies & made dressing for cucumber salad
  • baked lemon shortbreads (I’ll do a recipe for the Patreon, it’s embarrassingly simple, fun, and delicious, what’s not to love?)
  • made raspberry jello
  • thawed & prepped rice casserole for supper
  • Watched The Night Agent on Netflix.
  • Wrote this post.