Whee, it’s time for my first con of 2019: CapriCon 39

Thursday Feb 14 through Sunday Feb 17.

Want my panel schedule for some reason? Here ’tis! When I’m not on panels, I’ll be wandering aimlessly, attending other panels, or hanging out in the vendor room where the fabulous Alice Liddell & Brendan Detzner are letting me sit at their cool table. (thank you!) yes, I will have Excellent Buyable Things. Scroll on down for details.

Thursday, February 14

5PM Botanic B: Superhero or Monster

Friday, February 15

11:30AM Birch A: Razorblades on the Tongue: The Art of Violence

1PM Botanic A: Does Physics Work in Fantasy?

4PM Botanic B: Writing While Life Rolls Over You

Saturday, February 16

11:30AM Willow A: Themed Reading: Urban Fantasy

4PM Birch A: Designing a Disease

Want to say hello but can’t find me? I will have Facebook, Messenger & Twitter direct messages enabled for the weekend! Drop me a note.

At the reading,  I’ll debut the first scene from the Rough Passages sequel (the one I HAVE to get off to the copy editor in 6 weeks so I can get it formatted & printed by July…yeah.)

Anyway, if you are dying for a sneak peek at Sharp Edge of Yesterday, this will be your first chance.

If you want to throw money at me, I’ll have Mercury Battalion patches, paperback copies of Rough Passages & all the Stories of the Restoration for sale, plus stickers, booksmarks & draft pages of the cool character trading cards.

And now I have to get back to ripping out scenes and working in new material.

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