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C2E2 Getaway 2019. Day 1 Report.

It’s C2E2 weekend, and I’m having another adventure.

Spouseman & I are taking a little vacation to recover from our last vacation. Okay, not really-truly, but we have splurged on a stay-at-the-hotel convention weekend right here in our home territory. Staying in a hotel only an hour from home feels positively decadent.

We’re downtown for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, aka C2E2. This big convention fills up a good chunk of McCormick Place, and it’s my annual save-the-pennies-get-original-art commission con. There are always good panels too, (Saturday I’ll be trying to go see three different ones)  and of course, there’s the vendor floor full of things I like to admire and might buy someday and loads of amazing cosplay to watch.

And this year, I’m sticking around for the evening. 

Here’s today’s report. 

We took our time getting here in the morning. Arrived around noon and stayed until the Dealer Floor closed. I know lots of FB and Twitter frenz are in attendance, but I only ran across a few.

I got to say hello to the amazing Jim McClain on Artist’s Alley (table Y-3, go see his stuff, Poe & The Mysteriads is a delight)  ANYway. I also ran across the marvelous Laura Bos from Mount Prospect Public Library) as I was walking by a library-sponsored booth.

This booth had books, and floor pilows and chairs and a kid’s tent, and how did it manage t be an oasis of peace in the clamor of the vendor floor? I dunno, librarian magic? ANYway. Hi, Laura & nice person from ALA whose name I’ve misplaced! It was great chatting!

Other news: I found fabulous artists for all three of my sketchbooks, plus set up some potential commissions for a Rough Passages character portfolio with Daniel Govar (Artist’s Alley in the Ms) He’s the artist who designed my Dawnrigger colophon. Keep an eye out for the incredible graphic novel he’s doing called Tuskers. Conservationists and orphaned baby elephants fighting poachers–and of course phenomenal art.) 

I will post pics of my new arts with credit to the artists…tomorrow night, prolly? I have this year’s new gargoyle back, but the Restoration portraits book and the Rough Passages sketchbook are still out.

But the best part of today? After all the neat stuff, instead of the hour’s drive dragging back to the burbs to collapse in utter exhaustion, Spouseman and I strolled over to our hotel and collapsed there in cozy comfort.

Later we had some tasty foods & beverages, took a stroll and now we’re tucked in for the night.  We can’t make a habit of this, but wow, it’s an amazing treat.

This was the sunset view out our hotel room window. Pretty nifty.


That’s all until later.


By K. M. Herkes

Author, gardener, and cat wrangler.

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