Weaving In the Ends

Because heroes have personal lives too…
Two important characters from Controlled Descent & Flight Plan go on post-book adventures with an intrepid yarn shop owner in Weaving In the Ends, a stand-alone companion to the Restoration novels.

Knitting, romance, dangerous men, and a basket of kittens

Felicity Chen isn’t looking for love. Her thriving craft business in the heart of New San Francisco keeps her too busy for a personal life. When fate brings tall, blond, and mysterious Carl Jenson to the door of her shop, she jumps at the chance to have a little fun.

Carl gave up on love years ago. Spying for the government of the Restored United States isn’t a career that comes with a future. He’s is drifting along between jobs when his brother drags him to a yarn store on a personal mission. He only goes along as moral support, but when he catches the eye of the smart, savvy business owner, he’s happy to accept her offer of a summer fling.

They part without promises when Carl is recalled to duty, but a disaster in Felicity’s life brings them back together before the year is out. Can Felicity accept the challenge of weaving herself into Carl’s unconventional family, and more importantly, can she heal a heart unraveled by grief?

A tale of love, resilience, and the power of friendship set in a future where hope is a scarce commodity, Weaving In the Ends brings together two novellas originally written as standalone companions to the Restoration novels.

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