Rough Passages: Book 2

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The future looks bright, but there’s no escaping the past.

Grace Reed is on the run with devastation hot on her heels. She escaped a religious cult and rescued her children from her ex-husband, but she cannot escape her fate.

She is due for rollover—her midlife superpower coming into play—and all signs point to it being a major event. Only time will tell how powerful she will become, and her potential puts her on the government radar as a threat to society.

Department of Public Safety Agent Valerie Wade is assigned to Grace’s case and must choose between following orders or fighting for her client’s life. Grace must not only overcome her past traumas and survive rollover, she also has to protect her family and safeguard their futures.

Big rollovers mean big trouble, and big problems get eliminated.

Luckily for Grace, she has super-powered friends on her side. Valerie’s allies Jack, Elena, and Amy will pit their every skill and talent against all odds to flip the outcome in Grace’s favor.