Rough Passages

When getting older means gaining superpowers, your midlife crisis might mean trying to prove you won’t cause a global disaster.

The cover for Rough Passages: a Rollover Novel, with an image of a woman in flames dancing against a backdrop of an urban skyline at night.

Superpowered grandmothers, courageous Marines, and extraordinary teens: welcome to a reality where every midlife crisis might become a national emergency.

A third of the world’s population carries the potential to “roll into power.” No one can predict which few will actually go through the change, but there’s one, tragic certainty: rolling before the age of forty is a death sentence.

​​​​​​​Passing into middle age might be uneventful, marked by one more candle on a birthday cake, or it might lead to becoming a human fireball, drowning a city, or teleporting into outer space.

​​​​​​​Rough Passages connects eight stories of people forever changed by the powers that disrupt their lives. Here are some highlights:

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