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Ongoing Series:

The Rollover Novels

Both books are now available to order in paperback & ebook format from booksellers & public libraries.

Cover for Sharp Edge of Yesterday: A Rollover Novel, showing a woman in flames crossing an autumn meadow under a deep blue partyl-cloudy sky
Book 1: The Sharp Edge of Yesterday
Moms get midlife crisis superpowers & make the military nervous.
Book 0: Rough Passages
When getting older means gaining superpowers, your midlife crisis might mean trying to prove you won’t cause a global disaster.

Completed series:

The Stories Of the Restoration

A genius billionaire philanthropist inventor gathers a misfit team of experts to help him fight criminals who think they’re untouchable. Shown left to right in the author’s suggested reading order. All available in paperback, ebook, some titles also on audio platforms.

Book 1
Broken heroes team up in self-defense & end up fighting for justice
Book 2
Accidental kidnappings, global conspiracies,
and tea breaks.
Companion duology:
Chosen family shenanigans, knitting, & kittens.