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Just a few things I’ve collected here and there over the last little while. Some are on sale, all are awesome & recommended in their areas.


21 Shades of Night: A Steamy Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection
On sale 99 cents as of 7/13

In honor of the upcoming book Inimicus (The 11TH Percent Series, Book 4) the author is making the first three books 99 cents! All three of them! 13626618_10102334078754511_2243850230044368059_n Get them during the sale, which lasts from7/10/16 until next Sunday, 7/17/16! Here are the purchase links:

The 11th Percent (Book 1)

Item and Time (Book 2)
Kindle US:
Kindle UK:
Kindle AU:

Lifeblood (Book 3)

The Kidnap Plot (The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie) by Dave Butler. A delightful YA book.

The Kidnap Plot (The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie)

Robert Asprin wrote the first twelve of these wonderful books. After he turned in #12, Something M.Y.T.H., Inc., he asked Jody Lynn Nye to collaborate on future volumes. Together they wrote six new novels and a short story collection. In 2008, Robert Asprin passed away, and the mantle passed to Jody. This is the second of her solo books. I hope you will give it a try. I respect the series, I love the characters, and Jody is creating new wonders.

Robert Asprin’s Myth-Fits (Myth-Adventures)

Looking for some great summer reading?
Check out Quincy J. Allen’s new book BLOOD CURSE. Nah. I take that back. You should check out ALL of his books for doses of gritty, noir-y greatness.51hi2b7sxldl-_sx323_bo1204203200_

Blood Curse: Book 2 of the Blood War Chronicles

And if you’re looking for excellent reviews and recommendations, check out this great new page: The Flying Grasshopper on Facebook
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