Characters of the Restoration Series

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Alison Gregorio

Office manager, rules wrangler, and general all-around organizer. Gets things done.  Alison appears in the novels Controlled Descent and Flight Plan. Honorable mention in Joining In the Round. From Controlled Descent: Alison stared at the cracks in her plaster ceiling and made plans.  She should also join a ride-share. The midnight bus ride had exceeded her tolerance … Continue reading Alison Gregorio

Justin Wyatt

Better with machines than people. Pretty damned good with people. Justin stars in the novels Controlled Descent and Flight Plan and has a supporting role in Joining in the Round. From Controlled Descent: The sled came together with a clear aesthetic. Justin’s improvements included stabilizing struts and cargo strapping. Tyler marveled at the difference a little engineering made.  By sunset, the … Continue reading Justin Wyatt

Carl Jenson

Sometimes knows what others are thinking before they do, but is usually too polite to say so. His smile is his most dangerous weapon.  Carl appears in the novels Controlled Descent and Flight Plan, and he stars in the novellas Turning the Work and Joining In the Round. From Flight Plan: Carl gave Alison full … Continue reading Carl Jenson

Eddie Parker

Expert in the fine art of eliminating trouble before it finds his clients. Parker appears in the novels Controlled Descent and Flight Plan and the novella Turning the Work. He plays a small but critical role in Joining In the Round. From Flight Plan: “Not alone,” Parker said from the other side of the door. … Continue reading Eddie Parker

Serena Nguyen

Chaos is a personal specialty. Ask her about her dogs. Don’t call her crazy. Serena appears in the stories Flight Plan and Joining in the Round. From Flight Plan: Serena leaned close to the stove and inhaled the scents of onion and chili peppers and honey. Tasty, the fragrance promised, and she jiggled the frying pan. Liquid … Continue reading Serena Nguyen

Naomi Kwan

Looks delicate and breakable. Appearances are deceiving. Naomi appears in the novel  Flight Plan  and in the novella  Joining In The Round From Flight Plan: “I’ve told you everything.” Naomi pushed away the coffee and pressed her hands to the table to stop the shakes. She pushed away all the anger and the pain too, pushed it … Continue reading Naomi Kwan

Peter Hamil

Not a spy. Definitely not. Just ask him. Background: Child psychiatrist turned media consultant turned jack-of-all-trades. Personality: Even-tempered and easy-going, quick to smile and quicker to offer a helping hand, plays poker badly and loses cheerfully, enjoys good food and good beer.