another story down the line

OK, so yesterday I thought of another 2nd-POV story idea, and now I’m already 20% done drafting it. It even has a title. I came up with the title first, actually.

That’s exciting. Also a little stressful, but only bc I’ve promised my Patreon supporters I would finish a different story by the end of June & I am crap at managing parallel projects.

I do things in series, one story at a time. Learned that the hard way, by stubbornly attempting to do multiple projects at once. Sharp Edge should’ve come out a year, maybe two, after Rough Passages. Not four.

I tried to do another story at the same time.

The lesson stuck. Eventually. When I have momentum, I need to follow it.

But I do have a deadline. Self-imposed, but real nonetheless.

So the solution is clear. Stick with this story, but keep writing fast.

No idea what I’ll do with half of these short stories I’m finishing but I’m pleased they are coming into existence. This’ll make the third this year alone.

Very exciting. Just wanted to share that.

The Sharp Edge of Yesterday

A mother on the run from her criminal past can’t escape the dangerous superpower developing inside her own body.

Grace Reed just wants to be left alone with her daughters, her small business and her quiet suburban life.

Fate has something bigger planned for all of them.

A contemporary fantasy novel about coming of age in middle age, The Sharp Edge Of Yesterday is in bookstores & libraries now.

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Cover for Sharp Edge of Yesterday: A Rollover Novel, showing a woman in flames crossing an autumn meadow under a deep blue partyl-cloudy sky
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