another day another post

Saturday, rest day, cooking day, play day. I scheduled things to my Patreon for the next little while (except for the exclusive Mister Pips pics, those get added weekly on Caturday-Saturday) puttered around a lot, and scheduled a lot of things for another day.

Here’s the “I swear I did something other than sit at the window, watch birds, & drink tea” list**:

  • enjoyed the coffee cake I bought yesterday at Caputos
  • watered the new plantings even though it rained recently, because I like to give new perennials a week of pampering before abandoning them to the elements. Okay, so, that’s a lie I keep pampering them for always, just not the same way.
  • took a long, gray-day walk out in the cool & damp
  • made chili. Mmmm, chili.
  • Restrained myself & didn’t make cornbread bc we got delicious sourdough yesterday
  • cleared some Old Unidentified Things from the back of the fridge
  • remembered a bunch of things to add onto the grocery list
  • made a different list for Monday’s planned home-improvement store excursion to continue Anti-Chipmunk campaign & add some anti-erosion splash stone around two downspouts & one of the rain garden dry-well overflows.

There will be more plant purchasing next week. Not Monday, though. We’ll pick another day for that. There’s a list for plants too, but I made that list last autumn. Can’t do too much garden planning, right?

**not that there is anything wrong with sitting at the window watching birds all day. Just ask Mister Pips. Although he doesn’t drink tea. Usually.

I’m wrapping with links again. I”m trying to get used to adding things like that, and I hope readers will get used to seeing them or even, I dunno, maybe be tempted by them?

I don’t know why I get self conscious about I appreciate & don’t mind links when I see them on other people’s blogs, (and am regularly tempted by them) but when it’s my blog, I feel different. Why? Dunno. I’ll wrestle with that mystery another day.

Anyway. The me things: