Another day, another detour

Welp, I didn’t plan to write a ranty little essay about berries & politics yesterday, but that’s what was on my mind, so…

Now it is a thing I have written.

Will I publish it? Probably. For my Patreon folks first, I think. Cushioned between cat picture posts. Then here, eventually.

Gonna let it wait for a bit first, though, see how well it holds up after sitting on the back burner. Some things aren’t meant to be inflicted on others.

I’ve been going through a lot of my old journals & blogging lately as part of my online spring cleaning. It’s weird how little of it I recall creating.

This kind of writing is how I get thoughts OUT of my head. Evidently once the thoughts are out, they’re gone forever, whether I put them into the journals I once kept on paper, onto blogs here & elsewhere, or on social media platforms I’ve now basically abandoned.

All the more reason to stick with formats I can maintain myself and preserve offline, I suppose. It’s been surprisingly enjoyable to go back and see what/how I was thinking at various points of way-back-when.