Air Show & Other Exciting Things

Minor Life Events update: last Friday I visited the EAA Air Show in Oshkosh Wisconsin for the first time. I’ve lived less than 4 hours away from Oshkosh and its annual “Busiest Airfield in the world for 1 week” airshow for over 3 decades, but this was my first time attending it.

I love airplanes. I love air museums and flyovers and such. An airshow total obvious appeal. But I worked retail, so I had no weekends off. Later, other summer events conflicted. Then I kinda forgot it existed.

So why this year?

This year my wonderful, multitalented writer friend worked in the NASA pavilion. She stayed overnight w/us on her trip there & we got in our first good writing visit since pandemic. More importantly, she reminded me about the airshow starting last winter, and encouraged me relentlessly until I coordinated schedules with Spouseman, got tickets & planned the day trip.

Day trip only. There were no hotel rooms or camp sites to be found within an hour’s drive by the time I committed to going. (That was in April.) Whichworked out in the end because our cat is needy and needs an overnight sitter and the sitter went out of town that week.

So, anyway, last Friday was a long day of fun & travel that ended in Big Weather. All I did all weekend was tired post-peopling recovery and living like it was 1999. (Storms knocked out the internet for nearly 2 days. I got a lot of reading done. And played in the garden.)

Now somehow it’s Wednesday night already. In between then and now I also:

  • visited w/Shannon again (sleepover on her return home)
  • went to the botanic garden
  • met a local friend for lunch
  • chatted with my dad
  • did all the laundry in the world (ok, seasonal blanket wash & guest room linens, but still. It FELT like a lot)
  • made cookies
  • went to the farmer’s market
  • made cucumber salad
  • reserved a campsite for an October trip
  • scheduled cat sitting for THREE trips
  • coordinated nerd convention activities for later in the year
  • got on a cruise waitlist for February

So it has been Quite The Busy week. Tomorrow I finally get a down day, with no interation scheduled until next Monday.

If the internet & the weather cooperate, I’ll get some writing done.


Air show photos will appear in some random future post, contingent on friend & Spouse sorting out all the thousands of images acquired. For now, please, enjoy these pics of bees & roses I took at the Botanic Garden.

That’s all until next time.

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