Open: Adventword Dec 18

This one I get as a concept. Open up. Let people in. Try the new,  go beyond the edge, step out. Intellectually I am behind this word one hundred precent. Being open leads to new experiences and good or bad I learn from experiences.

I’m a big fan of learning. Reports indicate curiosity is a defining trait and has been since I was an infant.

But when it comes to being emotionally open? Not so much in tune with this openness idea.

Introvert here. Inward directed, fragile of focus and tender of thought. I travel life in a protective no-thinks-leave-me-alone bubble (equipped with prickles on the outside as a warning to others) because that is the only way I can process a reality that is often Too Damned Much To take. Yes, there are literal processing issues involved, but I’m willing to acknowledge the main problem is that I would rather not open up

And yet here I am blathering all about myself on the internet, huh? Hello, contradiction. My middle name. (Not really)

Call me a non-stinging anemone. A mobile one too, I guess.  I like to stay open, waving my life tentacles all about, experiencing and embracing everything that comes close enough to be sensed and getting the most of things.

Oh, but poke me too hard? I collapse on myself into a closed protective ball and stay that way a long, long time. Pumping up my open-ness takes work and patience, and there’s no way around the wait.

And that’s open. I recommend it, but practicing it is more of a challenge.

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image: strecosa via pixabay