Dec 2.

I did warn y’all this would be free-association, yeah? Okay. Light. 5 minutes.

The big thing with light is that little of it makes all the difference.

I’m like a plant in my relationship to light. I droop and wilt without enough, so the dark months of winter are hard for me, but I burn dry and crispy when there’s too  much of it. I hate bright rooms, I feel exposed as if there’s a painful, powerful pressure to the illumination, but I need bright workspaces to see. Darned far-sighted eyes. I confess to schadenfraude (?) when aging friends remark on their need for brighter lights and keep my mental whispers of “welcome to my whole life” inside where no one can see or hear them.  Don’t we all keep our less-charitable traits in private darkness?  Well maybe not in this day and age. Keep this between you, me, and the whole wide world, now, right?

The first thing I notice in a new place is the quality of the light. San Francisco and Seattle both have a special quality to the angles and shadows that gets me right in the heart whenever I visit those cities. Rational brain says it’s a matter of latitudes and atmospheric humidity, happy eyes just love the tints and shades and depth to color that’s just missing from a glare-bright washed-out midwest summer.

Oh, but there’s no light like that of a clear summer sky with a thunderstorm on the horizon for bringing tingles all up and down my skin and catching my heart in my throat. Green and dark and yet every little detail limned in yellows and gray-greens…it’s a magic light.

And then there’s glitter. It’s like the brightest light in the world broken into tiny, happy bits of color. Each flake is nothing, a flick of brightness, an annoying speck even,  but in mass, it’s a bright light impossible to ignore.

Kind of like hope and humanity that way, maybe.

Aaaand time’s up. I hope you enjoyed the show,  have a great evening.

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