Glow: Adventword Dec 11

Okay, so. Glow. Hm. I grew up with the musical Godspell. One song was called Light of the World, and had a line about being a light of the world, “but if your light’s under a bushel, brrrr, it’s lost something kinda crucial.”

Glow. Be yourself to the utmost you can be, and keep that true self in the open whenever you safely can.   Shine in the world, and by shining, make visible the world around you so you and those around you can see it more clearly.

I guess that’s all I really have to say about glow. Well, that, and the only picture I could find that didn’t set off my brightsider twitch was one my father took of a lake in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a long time ago.

I don’t know if it’s sunset or sunrise (yes, people go out in boats at sunrise.) and that probably is a message too. We don’t know, in the times between, if the world’s about to get brighter or darker. We only know it’s about to change radically. The thing about our role in the world–it isn’t an inevitable thing like the earth’s rotation. With the glow of humanity,  we choose with our actions which way that glow goes, whether we work to make it brighten, or slip away into darkness.

Or maybe I’m overthinking it. But that’s what I believe. So I’ll say it and shine.


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image: William B Morris (used with permission, all rights reserved) Thanks, Dad!


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