Achievement Trophies

More whimsical than a traditional list of goals, but just as inspiring.

It’s less formal and more whimsical than a traditional to-do list of goals. Here are my professional aspirations and creative self-challenges presented in the style of my favorite computer games: as ridiculously-named trophies.

The list keeps growing, unlike the ones in the average video game. As I achieve various existing goals, I find new ones to tack on. 

DONE! Happy Meal A monthly royalty total big enough for lunch at McDonalds.
DONE! Human Chess Game Sell enough copies of a title that readers could each be a board piece
DONE! I Did This! Write a story using only a single first-person POV
DONE! Meaning of the Universe: achieve 42 total reviews for any one title.
No Time Like The Present write a story in present tense
Cause for Celebration a royalty big enough for dinner with a guest at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.
Say…Do I Know You? Someone cosplays a character from one of my books
DONE! Short Stack Monthly royalty total big enough for Sunday brunch.
DONE! Behind Closed Doors Write an erotic-focus scene or story
DONE! Soccer Mom Sell enough copies of a title to field opposing soccer teams.
DONE! Stranger Danger First copy purchased by someone I didn’t know before or after the sale.
DONE! The Truth Is Out There First review of any title.
DONE! No News is Good News First 1-star review.
DONE! Can’t Please Everyone First 2-star review.
DONE! Trust Me! First confirmed sale based on reader-to-reader recommendation. (Outside my circle of friends and friends of friends.)
DONE! Bench-Clearing Brawl Enough sales to account for two full hockey teams, coaches, trainers and refs all on the ice at once. (that’s 50, for those keeping score)
DONE! And On The Seventh Day… A whole week with sales or loans each day.
DONE! Haters Gonna Hate Multiple 1-star reviews for a title
Good Things Come in Threes Complete a 3-part series or trilogy
Come As You Are a book release party for Book 3 of Restoration Adventures where guests can dress like Justin & Serena.
Welcome to the Matrix Enough sales to make SFWA membership a reality.
But Will It Play in Peoria? Books in at least one library in every state in the USA
DONE! This Looks Familiar Someone writes fan fiction based on my worlds or characters
Mutual Admiration Society My work inspires an artist to make original fan art
DONE! That Sweet, Sweet Sound someone writes & performs a filk song related to or referring to one of my creations

19 November 2020 It belatedly (by a stretch of years) occurs to me that I should be indicating completion dates for these achievements as well as designating the trophies as claimed. Ah, well. Perhaps I’ll do that for the next batch. It is time to check out some next-level challenges.