A day of very little brain

Smug otter on a log beside the text header "Sometimes I do other things"

(with apologies to A. A. Milne)

Okay, so, real talk, I did get a fair amount done, but it felt like a nothing day, and that was delightful, because A Big Nothing Day was exactly what I ordered and wrote on my Birthday Month Wishlist. Spouseman & I had half-planned Day Trip fun, but we stayed up very late (BIG THUNDERSTORM YAY .75″ OF RAIN!)

And then conditions after our sleep-in morning weren’t prime for enjoyable driving. So that’s been postponed.


The weather was very unsettled, very autumnal. Gusty winds, big, fast-moving gray Drama Clouds ™ and distant rumbles of thunder all afternoon. (Nice to look at, from the patio & the living room, not great for travel.) The bestest part –temps dropped from 82F at 11AM down to 73F by 4PM. Windows OPEN, woo!

Cool summer days are usually garden days, esp. after a rain, but the thing is, when it’s windy out, I get antsy.

And when I’m antsy, I can’t focus on anything. Then I end up surfing the internet. The lack of focus meant I didn’t get much reading done and did zero writing, but I enjoyed my time being a cat perch and puttering online.

Funny thing about puttering around the Fediverse — I end up actually interacting with people and not feeling totally worked-up, stressed, and depressed about the world afterwards. It was a truly fun way to pass time.

The only other things I did today? Write this post, and buy myself some new clothes via the Futuristic Marvel of Online Shopping.

It rained, and the winds are settling. Tomorrow, there will be PLANT PURCHASING!

And later in the week, lots n lots of adulting.

Meanwhile in Other Things

Compensation strategies for dyslexia can lead to entertaining results. I scrolled past a social media post that undoubtedly did NOT say, “Parakeets were originally designed to store pet hamsters.” But that’s how my brain processed it. Fairly certain the word was pockets, but TBH I kinda like my interpretation better even if it is nonsensical.

(about the birthday month thing. My internet birthday is 1/1/1970. It’s on every form that won’t let me leave the birthday blank, incl social platforms. My in-real-life birth occurred in June near the beginning of the GenX timeframe, and that’s as much precision as anyone outside my family needs.)

The usual footer stuff follows. Because I’ma writer, and writers like to put things about their writing everywhere.

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