Restoration Partners: Book 1
Restoration Partners: Book 1

Knitting, Romance, & Dangerous Men.

When fate brings Carl Jenson to Felicity Chen’s yarn shop, she sees dollar signs, not a potential lover. She doesn’t have time for romance. Her thriving craft business keeps her too busy–or so she tells herself. As soon as Carl walks out the door, Felicity starts hoping he comes back. Spending time with tall, blond and mysterious is exactly the investment in fun she needs.

Carl gave up on love years ago. He’s an undercover operative with a shady past, and spying for the government of the Restored United States isn’t a career that comes with a future.  His recuperating partner drags him back to the knitter’s den for more yarn and more flirting, but he doesn’t dare hope for more.

Felicity is ready to grab opportunity with both hands, and she makes Carl an offer he would be a fool to refuse. A temporary arrangement is all he can afford, and it’s all Felicity expects. It seems like a perfect bargain. In the end, they both get a better deal than they expected.

The future will bring technological revolutions and political upheaval, but some things are timeless. Lovers meet, lives change, and nothing ever goes as planned.

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