Serena Nguyen

Chaos is a personal specialty. Ask her about her dogs. Don’t call her crazy.

Serena appears in the stories Flight Plan and Joining in the Round.

From Flight Plan:
Serena leaned close to the stove and inhaled the scents of onion and chili peppers and honey. Tasty, the fragrance promised, and she jiggled the frying pan. Liquid sloshed under the steamer basket. Mist burbled through the lid, lifting in thin tentacles like an anemone waving underwater. “I’m listening,” she said, and she hummed along with the water’s happy song.

From Joining In the Round:
Serena shook her arms and hopped up and down like a boxer before a fight. “Sorry, I can’t stay. I’m noisy inside, and the pirates are too prickly. Cold air with heartbeats and hot blood would be better for me.“
With that declaration she headed outside, straight across the grassy verge of the parking lot to the drum circle.

Art by Daniel Govar
Art by Daniel Govar

Background: juvenile delinquent from an affluent family who opted for military service instead of a term in jail. The military made good use of her criminal skills, and trained her in fields that disciplined a natural aptitude for violence.  A promising career was cut short by mental breakdown during advanced espionage training.

Personality: highly observant, easily bored, emotionally volatile. She’s also carrying around a big bag full of neurological and psychological problems. Prone to sensory overload, compulsive behaviors and episodes of explosive rage. Her unusual perspective on reality is occasionally useful and often entertaining.

More great images: one where Serena’s alone and thinking too hard, and one of her when she’s getting into trouble. Naomi gets her into a lot of trouble.

Art by Brian Vander
Art by Jeff Dekal