Naomi Kwan

Looks delicate and breakable. Appearances are deceiving.

Naomi appears in the novel  Flight Plan  and in the novella  Joining In The Round

From Flight Plan:
“I’ve told you everything.” Naomi pushed away the coffee and pressed her hands to the table to stop the shakes. She pushed away all the anger and the pain too, pushed it down and away into a dark, cold corner of her heart where it couldn’t burn her alive inside. “Why go through it all again?”
Nice Cop remained silent. Naomi’s aching heart sank, and alarm bells belatedly rang in her mind. This kind, patient man was treating her like a suspect, not a witness. “One more time,” she said. “And then I walk, or you explain what’s going on, or you charge me, although for what, I’m sure I don’t know.”

From Joining In the Round:
Naomi came back and laid her hand on Felicity’s arm. “Looks like five million more questions just hit you like a box of rocks. If I swear that you’re safe with us, will you start breathing again?”
Air came whooshing out of Felicity’s lungs on a semi-hysterical laugh, and Naomi beamed at her. “That’s better. I know how you feel. Believe me, I know. Hold on a little longer and I will tell you the whole story. I promise.”

Art by Andrew Day

Background: Foundling foster child, childhood pickpocket, graduated to burglary. No formal education until adolescence. Opted for government service to avoid jail, then trained in physical therapy because it was something she could study by doing.

Personality: Curious to a fault, aloof with strangers, but warm with people she trusts. Puts the needs of others before her own, susceptible to exploitation.

Another Naomi pic: