Justin Wyatt

Better with machines than people. Pretty damned good with people.

Better with machines than people. Pretty damned good with people.
portrait done in ink with warm & cool grays of a scruffy underweight man with dark unkempt hair. The man is wearing a dark hoodie and workman's trousers, sitting at a workbench peering intently at a complicated gadget.
art by Daniel Govar

Justin stars in the novels Controlled Descent and Flight Plan and has a supporting role in Weaving In the Ends

From Controlled Descent:
The sled came together with a clear aesthetic. Justin’s improvements included stabilizing struts and cargo strapping. Tyler marveled at the difference a little engineering made.  By sunset, the results even looked good.
Justin raised his head. “What happened to the light?”
“The same thing that happens every night.” Tyler hauled the sled out of reach before it could be subjected to any further inspiration.  “Enough. Time to eat.”

From Flight Plan:
Tyler wanted to buy him a tee-shirt that read: ‘I plowed my plane into a mountainside in the Big Nowhere, and all I brought home was this freaky new skin.’
The incident had also left Justin with a mangled brain and a shattered leg, but skin capable of emitting electromagnetic interference under certain conditions was by far the most interesting souvenir. His epidermis was also practically invulnerable whether it was visible or not. That was  handy.

Background: mechanical engineer, chemist, accidental executive and successful angel investor. Semi-retired due to injuries sustained in a failed murder attempt.

Personality: energetic, down-to-earth, self-confident and secure. Analytic to the point of distraction, which often gives him an air of lost-puppy vulnerability. The mix of self-confidence and earnestness can be appealing or aggravating, depending on the situation.

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art by Brian Vander